It's amazing the difference a few adjustments can make: After my day of coaching with John, I just wish I had done it sooner! I actually feel like I can ride a bike now, and can justify having a posh one! John was able to suggest tweaks and changes to give my riding more flow in a relatively short space of time. Johns coaching style put me at ease from the start meaning I could get the best out of the day. Highly recommended.

Helen C


The training was incredibly useful and I can’t wait to go out and try it on some trails. It’s required a mental adjustment on my part to recognize that everything I thought I was doing really well was not being done as well as it could be. It has left me very keen to learn more - thanks again.



I thoroughly recommend Trailhum; Ewens passion for mountain biking and his technical knowledge shone throughout the day and I left  having improved my riding, and with clear tools to help me continue developing. Ewens observations were accurate and to the point, the pointers and corrections following these meant that small changes to my body position made a big difference to my riding, I can now carry far greater speed out of flat turns and am consistently leaving berm's faster than I enter them. The jumping session allowed me to progress at my own rate, increasing the speed, size and type of jump as I settled in.  To top if off the whole day was great fun as well.

Ian A


John and Ewen's enthusiasm for all forms of mountain biking is infectious and demonstrated by the wealth of Lakeland trails they know. Having had several coaching sessions, the advice has always been appropriate to my skill level, succinct and included plenty of drills and techniques to take away and work on. If you fancy improving your skills and riding some jaw dropping natural Lakeland trails then I highly recommend Trailhum!

Jim E


Over a short space of time Trailhum made a huge difference to my riding.  Simple changes well explained and coached smoothed out the trails and increased speed, confidence and the pure fun of riding.  Now looking for bigger, faster challenges to have more fun on!! Linked with a great knowledge of the local trails led to some epic rides.

Andy H


John completely changed my riding for the better! Previously considering myself a pretty good rider, John’s coaching built onto my previous skills to take me to the next level. His coaching and feedback was fantastic; well directed, enthusiastic and communicated in a really understandable way that made me want to try new things and become better. His grasp of coaching and relevant techniques was superb and his knowledge base about all things biking was massive. I would definitely recommend him if you want to take your riding to the next level.

Andy W


I consider myself to be an experienced cross country mountain biker, John helped me to push the standard of my downhilling - he has a great eye for detail and with the use of verbal and video feedback I improved my riding position.

When riding new sections of trail Johns’ use of visualisation and sessioning encouraged me to get the best line, and demystify the technique of manualling doubles!

I highly recommend Trailhums’ mountain bike coaching, John has the ability to turn a flat corner in the pouring rain into an interesting two hour session.

Paul W

British Cycling L2 Tutor

Scottish Mountain Bike Leader

Instructor at Plas Y Brenin, National Mountain Centre




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